National Collective Agreement Regained!

The Collective Agreement all metalworkers has been regained!

It has been reached today the agreement for the renewal of the national collective agreement  between Federmeccanica / Assistal (employers association), Fim, Fiom and Uilm, that puts an end to a long period of separate agreements.

Draft agreement will be submitted tomorrow to the judgment of Fiom’ Central Committee.  After the meeting of all the three Federations convened for December 1, the agreement will be presented with assemblies in working-places and finally submitted to binding referendum among all workers concerned this referendum will pass through a path that for the first time is also signed by Federmeccanica.

This is the first step that will lead, within the timeframe provided for the drafting of the text of the contract, to a definition of the democratic rules and of the other parties provided by the “Testo Unico sulla Rappresentaza” (agreement signed 2014 between the three Italians Confederations and the employers association Confindustria) into our sectoral collective agreement.

Furthermore, in the new regulation for the RSU is granted the right to workers to vote on company agreements, also on the request of only one trade union or of the 30% of workers, that has always been central in the practice of the Fiom but never achieved on a common base until now.

In particular, the hypothesis of agreement signed today provides:

  • new legislation on continuing education as an individual right, with 24 hours and 300  euro per worker in the three-year contract;
  • strengthening the role of the RSU in the bargaining of flexible working-time;
  • start of a period of experimentation for a new grading system;
  • health insurance supplementary to the public system, with 156 euro per year, full covered by companies, extended to temporary workers, workers “in mobility” (covered by special measures that guarantee an income for a certain period after they have been fired because of collective dismissals)  and to their families;
  • an increase of the contribution for supplementary pensions paid by the company;
  • the introduction, also in the collective agreement, of a share of tax-free increase through access of welfare provisions, as an additional element to the defense of the purchasing power by a total of 450 euro in the three years;

An experimentation on salary with annual revaluation of the minimum – with delivery in June – on the basis of real inflation, while wages resulting from future company bargaining and individual elements assumes full variability character, becoming absorbed in the fixed parts by increases in the national minimum, except for the elements related to the provision (shifts, allowances, overtime etc.) or if expressly stated that “non-absorbable”;

the total of all of this leads to a wage increase for the foreseeable three-year period, resulting from inflation, equal to 51.7 euro per month, to which must be added EUR 7.69 increase on security, 12 on health care, 13.6 welfare , for a monthly total of 85 Euros arriving at 92.68 with the quota for the right to continuing education;

a one-time fee of 80 Euros paid in March 2017.

Fiom’ delegation gives a positive judgment on the understanding reached, which does not present any kind of improper trading and that broadens rights, go beyond inflation in its overall cost structure, introduce a democratic path in the national agreement that has always been a central demand for our Organization.

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